Beyond Free-Range Chicken

Why are our chickens “beyond” free-range?

By definition, “Free-Range Chicken” means, the chickens are raised on non-medicated feed, and have regular access to fresh air, sun, soil and green forage.  But as anyone who has raised chickens knows…chickens will strip every bug and green forage right down to the dirt if left in a spot long enough.  So a door to an outside chicken run isn’t good enough.

Whereas all our meat chickens & laying hens are fed non-medicated and GMO-Free feed.  And most importantly, the pastured pens are moved every single day to fresh forage that provides up to 15% of their diet (adds vitamin A & omega-3s to the meat).  It is truly amazing to see the chickens learn to move with the pastured pen, so they can get access to the fresh forage.  Then they pretty much ignore the re-loaded feeder while they scoop up the morning tonic of fresh forage.

Our goal is to not just provide our customers with a chicken that had a chance to stretch its legs outside, but rather go a little further.