Welcome to Crossroads Valley Farm

Crossroads Valley Farm is a family farm operated by Mike & Tricia Ward, along with our daughters Sadie & Fiona.  We are located in the beautiful Ohio River valley south of Antigonish, NS.

Local community and good food is what we are all about.  We believe that “community starts at the kitchen table“, and amazing tasting, ethically raised food is our passion.

Due to the community & customer support, in 2018 we have formed Ruffled Feathers Pastured Poultry, which is a full service poultry operation.  To our customers who know what “Darn Good” poultry tastes like, we offer:

  • Free-Range Broiler Chicken
  • Sadie’s Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Free-Range Turkeys

Please check out the Ruffled Feathers Online Store for more information on our poultry products.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Forest raised pork
  • Forest oyster & shiitake mushrooms
  • Speciality vegetables & berries

Thanks for supporting our family farm!

Mike, Trish, Sadie & Fiona


Ruffled Feathers Pastured Poultry

2019 CSA Memberships & Freezer Boxes

For more details and to sign up for our 2019 Chicken CSA Membership or pre-order your Holiday Turkey, please visit:  www.ruffledfeathers.ca or: